Hemp Collection Law


The Hemp Collection Law (also called the Farm Bill) was passed on February 7, 2014.  It was signed by former President Obama and created quite a stir in the hemp world.

Hemp Collection Law Results

  • Departments of Agriculture and Higher Education Institutions are able to grow hemp for pilot and research programs in the states where cultivating hemp is legal. This is called the “Legitimacy of Industrial Hemp Research” statute or Section 7606.
  • More than 30 states have legalized hemp; 16 have approved laws for commercial production. Federally, hemp production for commercial distribution is still prohibited.
  • Hemp-derived products – those such as skincare products, food, supplements, clothing, paper, and building materials are legal to buy and use in all 50 states.

There is a 2015 bill introduced as the Industrial Hemp Farming Act that would make the growing and processing of hemp legal for all farmers in the U.S. If passed this bill would mean that hemp would lose its controlled substance status.

The Hemp Collection Law needs to pass federally in order to assist farmers and to get the maximum benefits out of this underused resource.  Joining the movement to support the farmers will mean that the law will pass more quickly.

How Can You Make a Difference?

  • Contact your State Representatives.
  • Purchase Hemp products.
  • Educate your friends and family. Utilize social media to spread the word faster.

As you are reading this, movements to make growing and selling hemp are growing fast and strong.  People are realizing that we have to do more to save the environment and find safer, cleaner, and more reliable resources.  Many are realizing that we have depleted a lot of our resources to the point of near extinction.  We can remedy many of these problems with the use of resources such as hemp.

Hemp Collection Law brings up many questions for many types of people.  Many countries in the world are wanting to get into the business of using hemp for products.  Hemp does not have the concentration of THC that marijuana does.  Therefore, hemp cannot be used to get high.

The Hemp Collection Law is bringing many issues regarding hemp to light and changing people’s minds on the subject.  They see that money can be saved, products can be diversified, and farmers can be helped.  Perhaps even the environment can be helped.  It is indeed time to bring all of these issues and the Farm Bill into bigger and better limelight.  More attention needs to be paid to this issue and to be done to get the word out.

The Hemp Collection Law is not going anywhere and it is time to up the ante on the discussions and laws about it.

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